Crypto prices currently battling red as prices fall

The prices of cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing a downward spiral as top cryptos have recorded losses ranging from 2% to 5% and a lot of speculation as to why this has happened still reveals no concrete reason. For the very first time in a long while, crypto markets have seen the top crypto players engulfed […]

Worldwide Adoption to Bitcoin Continues

According to research by blockchain analyst Larry Cermak, currently there are over 13,000 venues all over the world that accept BTC payments. But it still seems like its impossible for one to spend their BTC as they please. The issue however isn’t finding venues that accept BTC, users are complaining that even if they do […]

Bitcoin on the threshold of “Global Breakout’’, a rally initiated by the Fear of Missing Out

Since last December in 2017, the uprising asset class has struggled in a long nine-month downswing of business and bear market and has achieved new milestones. There was a huge inconsistent enthusiasm for Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies after a long year of experiences in the bull market.

Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market has been the hot topic as of late and has been growing more and more rapidly; the market value increased exponentially in 2017-2018. The underlying technology of cryptocurrencies – called Blockchain technology – with it’s nearly impenetrable security, is changing the world as we know it.

Financial Inclusion and Blockchain Technology

Unknown to most people, the money transfer market could be a life or death matter. Migrants from most developing countries would have to send money back to their family. The money sent could just be the thin line that stops their families way back from starvation. Traditional banks still have to cut down on the […]

Blockchain Technology: Applications for a Better World

In a recent development, a group known as “Democracy Earth” launched a new startup (Sovereign) that utilizes blockchain technology in the facilitation of flexibility in votes casting by users, and is a way to promote liquid democracy, which will in turn grant voters the privilege of expressing their opinions and thus delegating their votes to […]