Harvard goes crypto

Tim Draper to invest in FBs crypto project

The latest report reports claim that Facebook is looking for VC companies to invest in its crypto projects and the plans are to raise $ 1 billion, says NY Times reporter Nathaniel Popper. It was reported that they had already hired 30 people so far to work for the division of David Marcus, the formal […]

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Sued by Former Employee

One of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges Kraken, is being sued by a former employee for allegedly failing to pay him for the work he did

Blockchain Trends everyone should know about

The value of the leading Blockchain technology, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, dropped in the course of 2018. However, giants like Walmart and IBM still persist with Blockchain, as they believe in the enormous potential this technology has for creating value in the forms of secure transactions, innovative solutions, and so forth.

Crypto prices currently battling red as prices fall

The prices of cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing a downward spiral as top cryptos have recorded losses ranging from 2% to 5% and a lot of speculation as to why this has happened still reveals no concrete reason. For the very first time in a long while, crypto markets have seen the top crypto players engulfed […]

Worldwide Adoption to Bitcoin Continues

According to research by blockchain analyst Larry Cermak, currently there are over 13,000 venues all over the world that accept BTC payments. But it still seems like its impossible for one to spend their BTC as they please. The issue however isn’t finding venues that accept BTC, users are complaining that even if they do […]