WhatsApp Welcomes Cryptocurrencies

According to a recent announcement made by Zulu Republic cryptocurrencies have finally arrived on WhatsApp, ahead of Facebook Coin launch. The announcement was made yesterday, May 19th, Zulu Republic stated that its crypto messaging platform, Lite.Im, brought a new way of sending and receiving popular coins. The first two coins to be sent and received via the popular messaging app WhatsApp are Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The software supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), and users can directly send and receive the cryptos to a wallet, from within the message screen. Zulu Republic, the blockchain ecosystem that supports Lite.im and others, announced in a tweet that Lightning Network support was also likely to be introduced sometime soon. This mobile money transaction through WhatsApp will make it easier for people in Africa and Southeast Asia where there are huge population of underbanked and unbacked population.