Craig Wright Explains His Cartoon Cat Fight

Last week the crypto community found themselves once again in the middle of a conflict between the controversial computer scientist, Craig Wright. While accusations of fraud and defamations are flying between Craig Wright and the crypto community, the latest mudslinging came from a pseudonymous twitter user who used the image of a cat in a spacesuit for this avatar on twitter under the user name ‘’Hodlonaut.’’

The pseudonymous user recently gained popularity promoting bitcoins layer-two scaling tech for payments called the ‘’Lightning torch experiment.’’ With his newly found influence, Hodlonaut decided to use it towards castigating Craig Wright earlier this month.

Sometime after ‘’Hodlonauts’’ castigating tweets, Wright sent a letter warning those calling him a “fraud” are libellous and damaging his reputation and thus warranting legal action. The threat triggered a wave of support from the crypto community towards Hodlonaut, with more people joining in on the Anti BSV train.

Hodlonaut wasn’t the only one to receive a letter showing intent to sue. Several participants, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack, who have been vocal of their thoughts towards Wrights claims and publicly calling him a fraud several times have also received a legal letter, asking them to ‘’publicly apologize and delete any incendiary tweets’’ or face legal repercussions. McCormack posted a comment on Twitter, saying that he has 15 lawyers willing to represent him on a pro bono basis.

McCormack replied to Wrights legal letters by publishing a three-page, tongue-in-cheek response on Sunday. McCormack announced that he would not apologize and would fight Wright in court and again arguing that Wright “is definitely not the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.” To support his argument, McCormack argued anyone can claim to be Satoshi. “‘Hey, I Peter McCormack am Satoshi Nakamoto. I created Bitcoin,’ See, I just did it,” McCormack wrote.

A number of bitcoin enthusiasts, following the famous conflict within the community decided to pick sides, those showing their support towards Hodlonaut have changed their Twitter profile photos to Hodlonaut’s Twitter avatar, which features the famous grey cat in an astronaut suit. Following the legal letter from Wright, Hodlonaut has deleted his Twitter account.

Going further, some supporters who are siding with Hodlonaut have set up and crowdsourced a legal fund for him, with the title ‘’We Are All Hodlonaut’’ which raised $20,000 in under 24 hours. According to Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark, most of the contributions came from lightning payments. Preston Byrne, an influential lawyer in the crypto community has tweeted that he is “assisting Hodlonaut pro bono.”

According to Bloomberg News, they have reached out to Craig Wright on the controversy via email and asked for his comments on the on-going conflicts between him and many participants within the crypto community.

  1. When will you file lawsuits and against whom?

CW: I am mainly seeking people who have a perceived authority within the crypto currency industry so Vitalik & Peter McCormack. They have been sent the opening letter outlining the case already. This will give me the chance to prove my credentials in front of a judge rather than being judged by Twitter.

  1. What was the breaking point for you?

CW: I have said for a long time: ‘challenge the science not personalities,’ but that has been apparently impossible so I’ve reluctantly had to take this step so that we can move on a get back to the science where I happily and openly debate ideas and concepts.

  1. How much of SV do you and your faction own? How much has this cost you?

CW: This has never been about making money –- if it was I could’ve cashed out long ago and sailed into the sunset, literally.

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  1. The skepticism has been around for a long time. What is at the heart of the current dispute?

CW: This is a desire to silence me. They see an end to the scams, the pumps and lies in a single system and honest protocol and they are afraid. To my mind a simple denial of the basic principles of Bitcoin. Anybody who reads the White Paper can see quite clearly that BSV is the only coin that reflects that paper and has proved it’s the only coin that can scale right now.

  1. What do you hope to achieve with these lawsuits?

CW: As said above –- to show a judge my credentials rather than be dragged through the Twitterverse.

  1. You have been accumulating blockchain/crypto patents. Have you started licensing these out, and to whom? Have there been inquiries to buy them, and for how much and by whom? What are your plans for these patents?

CW: You will have seen many ‘names’ within the business world starting to use blockchain technology and, so, yes they are talking to us about best practices in that arena, of course.