Crypto Donations to Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

Stone demons gargoyle with bitcoin accepted here logo and chimera with Paris city on background. View from Notre Dame de Paris

Following the Notre-Dame fire on April 15, the French president Emmanuel Macron affirmed that the Cathedral would be rebuilt again. Shortly, several countries and businesses worldwide publicly pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in effort to rebuild the world-famous church.

The crypto journalist Grégory Raymond has rallied the crypto community to support the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. He tweeted with an address and a QR code that could be used to send the money to the French government in order to aid the reconstruction.

Paris showed its love for the digital currency and raised public awareness of Bitcoin earlier this year. The crypto community loved seeing one of the Yellow Vest protesters who wore a sign on his back saying ‘Buy Bitcoin’ resulting in crypto enthusiasts around the world watching in excitement as Bitcoin became a part of the Paris protests.

Paris yellow vests protester wearing a buy bitcoin vest