Crypto News Digest — June 2022 (2/2)

    June 20th
    Meta is launching a digital clothing store with outfits for users’ avatars. The store is supposed to be an important element of the metaverse and will feature big brands such as Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne. Purchased items will be available for avatars on Instagram and Facebook. Prices have not been disclosed yet.

    June 21st
    New smartphone VERTU Constellation X Ulm will be available only through the purchase of an NFT. VERTU Paris announced that only 10,555 smartphones will be available for sale. After purchasing one of NFTs, a customer will have the option to keep it or convert it to the Constellation X ULM. 1,000 NFTs will be on sale on the Binance NFT marketplace, while the rest will be available on the official VERTU Paris website.

    June 22nd
    eBay has acquired NFT marketplace KnownOrigin for an undisclosed sum. KnownOrigin co-founder David Moore stated that this partnership will help them attract a new wave of NFT creators and collectors. eBay started allowing NFT sales in 2021, and now has the opportunity to monitor and control every transaction made on their new platform.

    June 23rd
    1) University of Cincinnati adds crypto courses to curriculum. The plan is to launch two new programs that will educate students about cryptocurrencies and new financial technologies. Also, there will be a public-private lab space set to open in the new university’s building this fall.
    2) Prague’s first historical tram now accepts crypto. Passengers can have a ride on one of the oldest trams in Europe and pay for it with BTC or ETH using a special mobile app.

    June 24th
    Solana launches a smartphone designed for improved web3 experience. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has announced the launch of an Android-based smartphone Saga with features allowing various cryptocurrency transactions through the mobile device.

    June 26th
    Albania is planning to tax crypto-related income starting next year. The government also has a plan to introduce a number of laws to effectively regulate crypto circulations in the country. Cryptocurrency and mining are now officially recognised by Albania’s authorities and have a legal definition.

    June 27th
    Catalonia is building its own metaverse. Director-general of innovation Daniel Marco commented on the government’s initiative to make the region a digital hub with a strong economy. He stated that the main idea is to make Catalonia a place that cultivates new talent and attracts business. “Cataverse will be linked to the Catalan language and the Catalan culture. That is what we want to have in this metaverse, that Catalan entities that are doing things for the culture can do that in the metaverse .”

    June 30th
    1) El Salvador is set to build a $200 mil solar power plant for bitcoin mining. A facility is going to be based in the northern part of the country. Construction works have already started and are supposed to take about eight months.
    2) Samsung will be producing 3nm chips that might be used for bitcoin mining. Three nanometer chips are fully compatible with ASIC miners and could make mining speed 15% faster, reduce power usage down to 45%, and increase productivity by 23%. PanSemi и Qualcomm are believed to be the first 3nm chip customers.

    Stay tuned for more news!