CryptoPayments partners up with Icynote

    CryptoPayments partners up with Icynote, the Swiss manufacturer of cold paper wallets.

    Icynote technology is a big step towards making cryptocurrency physical: a cold wallet that appears as a regular banknote, but its true functions are to store and transfer BTC.

    What makes Icynote useful?

    — Security: electronic signature, special inks, and perforations protect Icynote from counterfeiting.

    — Easy to fill: charge your Icynote by sending BTC to the public key printed on its surface (QR is also available).

    — Easy to withdraw: scratch off the hologram and use your private key to transfer bitcoins to another cold wallet.

    — Dual-purpose: Icynote can be used both to store money and to transfer it — just give or send a charged wallet to another person like a regular banknote.

    CryptoPayments and Icynote share a common goal of making cryptocurrency operations simple, accessible, and secure. This partnership, we believe, brings us closer to this goal.