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15 April 2024
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Touch Down in Dubai for TOKEN2049!

The Cryptopayments team is gearing up for a highly anticipated trip to Dubai, where we'll be attending the renowned TOKEN2049 conference — a gathering of the brightest minds in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Cutting-edge exhibitor booths, insightful panel discussions, and the chance to network with industry movers and shakers — TOKEN2049 promises to be a transformative experience.

Want to meet up with our team? Be sure to sign up for a meeting at! Our team is eager to pick their brains, explore potential collaborations, and see how we can join forces to push the boundaries of what's possible in the fintech landscape.

This isn't just another conference - it's a chance to witness history in the making and solidify the position as trailblazers in the world of digital payments. With bags packed and minds buzzing, the Cryptopayments team is ready to take on the crypto event of the year. The adventure in Dubai is just beginning!